Jenny In Pigtails...Plays The Roulette Bucket Game
Produced by House of Slop
Starring the following model:
"Cute South American girl Jenny in pigtails, sits down to play."

Jenny starts off clean (in her white blouse wearing pigtails) and sitting in the pool blindfolded, before attempting to stay clean and dressed, whilst winning a few cash amounts along the way. Her English is not brilliant, and I offer to let her speak in Spanish, however, she perceviers in English to announce the numbers and it is actually rather cute.

Certain numbers correspond to gungings, and others mean avoiding the slop and simply being covered in confetti, while winning the cash. Buckets are numbered 1 to 20 and it is completely unrigged. She could stay clean or she might be totally gunged. Jenny decides her fate and what gets dropped on her. And she decides when she has had enough!

If she picks enough gunk to get covered in, after a certain number of buckets she has to remove her shirt and show off her tits!

Possible unlucky buckets include,

Spaghetti Hoops (which she really hates) Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce

Mushy Peas

Lumpy Oatmeal

Rice Pudding

Guess correctly, then it is only confetti and $25 earned. To avoid seeing the results, don't take a look at the previews below.

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