Jayce&Ariel's Xxx'mas Super Sexy Scene!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Jayce and Ariel give their fave substances, lapdances and makeouts!"

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Total runtime:16 mins, 59 secs
Date added:12/16/16
Year produced:2012
Scene ID:5766

-Ariel gives Jayce her lapdance for Christmas and covers her in a mixture of methylcellulose and shaving foam. -Jayce spanks Ariel and bounces her booty, as does Ariel. -Ariel spreads Jayce's legs to massage the mess in ;)

-Ariel coats Jayce's titties in white frosting and proceeds to lick it off -The girls have a long, sensual make out session before switching

-Ariel has a seat and has chocolate batter poured all over her. -Jayce rubs in all the batter and plays with her hair, body and boobs

-Jayce turns Ariel around and pies her in the chest and licks the pie off her boobies. -Jayce gives Ariel a big pie sandwich

-Jayce brings a big bucket of oatmeal and puts Ariels feet in, massaging her legs with the oatmeal and working her way up her body with her feet submerged in the bucket. Giving her an oatmeal massage. -She then dumps the oatmeal bucket over Ariels head. -Jayce sits on a cake while Ariel mashes it into her bootie, making sure she really gets it in her thong!

-Ariel grabs Jayce by the hair and head dunks her into a huge bucket of white batter

-Ariel pours the white batter all over Jayces body. -The girls get in the floor and continue to rub all over each other and make out. This scene is very sensual and erotic. A lot different from scenes Ariel and Jayce have done before. Lots of moaning, kissing, rubbing and...it's just sex!
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"Such a tease!"
By cake123  1/1/17

This scene is such a tease, what I would do to take a seat and recieve all of their presents from them! They both look as if they are loving life and there is a great variety of mess used which looks great rubbed into their cute santa outfits!

"One not to miss"
By erock  12/31/16

What an amazing and sexy Christmas video. Arial and jayce get dirty together in some holiday fun. They both seem to enjoy the intimate ruling.

"One for the record books."
By BigC040287  1/5/14

The scene is amazzzing. You have two gorgeous women have a messy session together. There is some really hot touching and kissing in this video. Absolutely the best scene I've seen with Ariel and Jayce together. If you have a brain in your head, you'll purchases this one. The lighting and audio were amazing. The camera work was top notch as well.

"Great all-around scene"
By wamfan22  1/15/13

This is an awesome video. i loved the lapdance and the massage. i would say it is a must buy. i mean it has Ariel and Jayce in it. that is all i needed,

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