Jayce and Ariel--Converse and Jeans in the Pool!
Produced by Ariel and Jayce Drenched!
Starring these models:
"Ariel tricks Jayce, shoves her in pool! Both swim in sneakers and jeans"

Ariel and Jayce are staying at this hotel for the first time. Both women are fully-dressed--Ariel wears a pair of boot cut Silver jeans, a very thin gray t-shirt, and coral colored North Face jacket with maroon low top Converse sneakers. Jayce is in ripped jeans, a blouse and bra with blazer and gray high top Converse. They go down to the pool to check it out for the first time, and as per the custom request, Ariel really does play a trick on Jayce and shoves her in the pool unexpectedly! Jayce emerges a little aggravated so she basically drags Ariel into the pool with her! Both women are now fully drenched!

Jayce gets out and takes off her blazer revealing a button up blouse that's so thin you can very clearly see her bra through it! On the opposite side of that, Ariel's shirt is even thinner material and you can clearly see her bare tits once she removes her soaked North Face jacket and tosses it into the pool to soak! Lots of swimming and showing off their sexy sneakers too!

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