Hot Tub Relaxation
From Messy For Fun
Leila wants to relax after a long day of filming videos and decides to film herself relaxing in the jacuzzi at her hotel. She wears a long blue cotton skirt and a pink silk button-down shirt. She slowly gets into the water letting her long skirt float on top of the water around her. She takes her time enjoying the sensation of her clothes getting soaked. Her clothes become see-through and you can see her pink bra and thong through them. She submerges under-water both laying back and head first getting her long wet hair messy.When she puts the jets on in the hot tub and lays back her clothes float around her. She loves playing with the skirt, seeing it float in the water and making it billow on top of the water. At one point she runs conditioner through her hair then plays with her hair in the water. At the end she lays back and peacefully floats in the tub.

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