Foam Submerging in Huge Can, Filled+masturbation
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Jayce breathes heavy as she submerges in 42 gal can of foam and more foam!"

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Runtime:30 mins, 45 secs
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In this one, I get sensually covered in foam whilst sitting in a chair, first. I pull it all around me, having someone give me the mess...i moan and make the biggest mounds i can, encasing my head. Everytime, holding my breath as long as i can and then attempting to make a tiny hole for me to breathe and take huge breaths! I am heaving heavily and sounding really sexy more than anything ;) Then I start to get pies pummeled out at me, which is really starting to turn me on because they are encasing my entire head! I get one really gigantic pie sandwich! it is almost too much as i heave and rub all over my body, erotically...right to the camera, like im putting on a show for you, but its all me...just basking in the mess. Do i know you are behind the camera and want to make it extra sexy just for you? you will have to watch to see ;) I get to my 32 gallon trash can that is completely filled to the top with foam...i have wiped some foam off my face and body before i get in I sllooooowwwwwwllly get in the foam and pop back up to show off my pussy, go down again and pop back up to show off my tits and body and start to rub the foam all over myself, I get so turned on, that I start to play with myself. I am looking at you and moaning with the tingling on my pussy.

I am super horny now and I decide to get down in the foam, you watch me submerge and foam come around all sides of the can bc it is so full! I am underneath and masturbating. You can hear me moaning under the foam and then I come up for breath and start gettting tons OF cans of barbasol squirted on me while I am covered and playing with myself...all over my head and completely just encasing me with even more foam! i start to swirl it around on my head and just as i come up to rub it more on my body, I start getting even more foam pies! over and over i get pied in the face, pie sandwiches, over and over I am moaning and rubbing all over my pussy with foam...

then, after i lovingly take all these pies and pile my head SO high with foam...i decide to do some serious submerging! I get all the way down into the foam, counting down and before i do, ariel hands me a clear, 1 inch breathing tube! so i can stay under for a long amount of time! yay! i take the tube and submerge and she fills the trash can lid full of foam and puts it on top of me while all you can see is a closed trash can, a tube sticking out the side and hear my heavy breathing through the tube! IT was SO amazing! i had to do it more than once! I did it atleast 3 times and then we decided to have me go under and the tube that is about an inch around, and about 7 inches long...i go under and ariel fills the top of me completely with foam all the way to the top of the tube! so, all you can see is me completely submerged in this can, a huge mound of foam with about a 1 inch hole in it, from the end of the tube! its amazing! you can hear ariel talking about how amazing it is! IT was incredible
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"Amazing foamy video!"
Jayce wrapped in an incredible amount of foam and Ariel enjoying it... both cute and exciting and sexy! Please watch the competition of foamy angels. JPWam, 10/2/17
"A barrel full of Foamy fun, well done."
Once again, Jayce and Ariel prove that they are the queens of foamy fun. This was a awesome video, Jayce was SO sexy and erotic throughout and Ariel was obviously enjoying just as much. If you have seen any of their other foam exploits then you have to see this one, it is worth every penny. I highly recommend this one. FoamyFremen, 10/1/17
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