Epic Huge Erotic Paint Party with Ariel and Me!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Over 100 Pounds of paint in every color, we get naughty together!"

File count:3
Total size:2 GB
Runtime:38 mins, 10 secs
Scene ID:28075

There is really no way to describe this scene other than "wow" I have never used so much paint!, fun, non stop colorful paints with Ariel and Me! Making out, ripping our body con dresses off after covering them in paints...rubbing all over eachother, making beautiful colorful swirls all over our bodies with liters and gallons of paint! it was non stop! it was like the paint colors never ended. The feeling of the paint was incredible. The smell was different than cake batter, it was like a thinner, colder version of cake batter, how it puddled up underneath us...it also did something else...when you put a color on your body, it always piled up on you...that color never fully left your body...so every color created another "layer" on us...making us even more slippery, wet, and kinky with it! There was an intended method to our madness, working with so much paint...we decided to put the metallic paints on eachother using our hands and smearing it all over eachothers bodies, well, in true Jayce and Ariel style, we got carried away...we were rubbing on eachothers pussies, asses, feeling the cold paint start at the top of our ass and slide its way down our ass and pussies. Once one person found something that felt so good, the other had to try it! Moaning in ecstasy, feeling like you are getting an insane massage with this cool, slippery, almost slimy, paint was awesome. Especially to look down and see yourself covered in metallic colors. Each color we got kinkier with...use your imagination because I only have so many words I can use to describe this super long video! So next was our "palette cleanser" which meant huge gallons for each of us of white paint to cover the metallic. We took turns pouring it on eachother, we squeal at the cold and how much seems to come out! it seems like it never ends but the look is amazing...once it gets all over us, we almost look unreal with the white covering our bodies and the way it hugs around our eyes! We are now a white canvas to start all the gallons of primary colors and florescent colors! We have so much...I cant even explain...we dont know where to begin but we do...and once we start it is non stop action! We make the absolute most of this crazy, insane paint...Huge pours, creating beautiful swirls on our bodies with eachothers hands...pouring it on our pussies to feel the cold, drippy, wet paint on ourselves...Rubbing it in and feeling how the paint is just layering on our bodies was incredible. Standing above and Pouring a huge gallon of paint on Ariel and seeing her face light up feeling the paint, loving the feel, seeing the look of it, it aroused your sensory perceptions...they are all over the place! Sight, smell, feel, and you cant wait to be the next one to get underneath that falling paint! We get so crazy turned on we cant keep our hands off eachother. No paint dries because there is so much. I want to make out with Ariel but i fill my mouth up before! Very erotic Makeout!
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"The most paint I have ever seen used in a movie!"
This proves both Jayce and Ariel are getting better with experience. This is the type of movie that made me fall in love with WAM. Its fun, experimental and messy! Both Ariel and Jayce love it. If you have to buy one WAM movie this month, buy this one. The shower scene is awesome. These women must get though a lot of soap! ItsJay, 5/18/18
"Jayce and Ariel in a pool of paint together, need I say more?"
Jayce and Ariel do not disappoint in this latest romp. These two lovely ladies could make Bob Ross jealous with the copious amount of paint used. One can only imagine the hours if not days of clean up. I for one just wonder what it would of been like to get caught up in the middle of all that too. It is truly hard to pick one piece that stood out due to the fact there isn't a dull moment. Whether you enjoy metallic or bright neon they got it covered. ;) (pun intended). My verdict is highly recommended! hooter, 4/27/18
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