Custard Covered Girls Gunge Tank Special
Produced by Custard Covered Girls
"It's custard covered girls, but with a gunge tank!"

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Date added:9/10/17
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It's the Custard Covered Girls Gunge Tank Special. A few years ago we paid a visit to the Moon studios to film with the gunge tank. Here are the six videos which resulted from that visit, available for just $30, or $5 a video!

Part 1:

Our host Anna introduces the 6 girls taking part before we get straight into our opening game 'Pass the Parcel' (or envelope in this case). If the envelope contains the word 'gunge', then the unlucky girl holding it has to take her seat in the tank!

Part 2:

In this part the 5 remaining girls play 'name that tune'. The first 4 girls to reach the required points total go through to the next round. The fifth-placed girl ends up in the gunge tank

Part 3:

The remaining 4 girls play 'Just a minute'. We give the girls a topic, and they have to discuss that topic for as long as possible without hesitating, repeating or mentioning a trigger word. Whoever talks about their topic for the least amount of time gets gunged!

Part 4:

The remaining 3 girls play 'buzz'. The girls must count from 1 upwards, but must say 'buzz' in place of any number containing a 7 or that is dividable by 7. The first girl to lose 2 lives takes a seat in the tank!

Part 5:

Our final two girls play a quiz show, where only the final question matters! If a girl gets a question wrong, she has to sit in the tank whilst the other girl gets to answer the next question. The outcome of the final question determines who gets gunged!

Part 6:

In a final twist, our winning girl takes on host Anna in one final quiz. The loser gets gunged!

Please note: Pics kept to a minimum to avoid spoilers
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