Creamy Pie Masturbation Plus Shower
Produced by Messy Pervert
Leila is surround by big shaving cream pies while she wears a very skimpy sling-shot bikini bathing suit and high platform flip flop sandals.She is excited to play with all those pies and decides to take two and pie both tits at the same time. Next she pies herself right in the face coating her face and hair in shaving cream. She then turns around to pie her ass. She pies her face more and gives herself "pie sandwich." She pies her feet in her flip flops and soon she is fully covered in shaving cream. She then takes the bathing suit off and pies her pussy. She is so coated she can barely see but she still manages to get on the floor to get to the rest of the pies. Her face is covered in cream so she can't see as she gives herself a nice big orgasm. She rubs the cream around her body a little more before starting to clean herself up. There is a short part at the end where she showers off some of the mess.

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Runtime:11 mins, 2 secs
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