Clay Submersion in Athletic Wear + My New Toy!
Produced by Ariel's Wambabes
Starring the following model:
"Head Stands and Head Dunks in Leggings and Asics + New Waterproof Toy!"

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Date added:4/12/17
Year produced:2017
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Introductory priced for a limited time! Get it while it's hot!

Hey guys! It's Ariel This is my second video from "Clay Day"!

This is the one where I get the naughtiest and dirtiest and the only Video in this deeper tub of clay that was filmed that week! I really wanted to transfer the clay into this tub so that I could submerge, head dunk and head stand! This was my first time doing a head stand in clay and it was incredible feeling!

I began this scene wearing one of my sexiest pair of leggings! I love my gym leggings, and this was one of my favorite pairs! Under them I have on sexy teal Victoria's Secret Pink cheeky panties! I also wore a coral colored sleeveless top with no bra, and it's really tight so you can see my tits and hard nipples perfectly! On my feet I have on black and pink Asics sneakers with no socks. I decide to enter the tub ass first! I position myself above the tub, holding myself up, and playfully bob my booty up and down in the clay a few times and then drop right in,sinking down to the bottom so that part of me is submerged, but my legs, feet and head are exposed! I spin around in the tub a few times, playing and having fun, then I climb back out bc I'm ready to do a head stand! I did a perfect one, staying submerged as long as I could and it felt amazing. I get back in, using the clay to get as muddy as I can. I stand up in the tub and bend at the waist to do a standing head dunk! It was so awesome! I take off my top, letting out my large 36DD tits, grab a bucket and use it to pour clay over my head. The feeling of it cascading down my body was exhilarating! I peel off my muddy leggings exposing my partially muddy sexy panties and mud those up to! I peel them off next and begin dipping my big pussy lips in and out of the clay, giving you close ups of that action! I fill my shoe full of clay and pour it all in my mouth and spit it back out! I just had to try that and see what it tasted like! Now I'm done being silly and ready to get sexy and naughty! I grab my new vibrator, it's waterproof so I can submerge in the mess while I'm fucking my pussy with it! I spread my big pussy lips and slide it right into my snatch! The clay makes a great lube so it slides right in! Now I'm on a mission to cum! I move it in and out of my pussy, pushing all the buttons that I know will give me a guaranteed orgasm. It doesn't take long and I'm moaning and panting, back stiffens up and legs start to shake and I'm getting off! Messy orgasms feel so damn good! All the sensations of the mess added to the intense orgasming! I know this is my last time in the clay that day, so before I'm done I have to get one more big head dunk in before I retire to a very long, hot shower!

I hope you enjoy watching me enjoy myself And hopefully you cum as hard as I did when you're watching it!
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