Captain Flan
Produced by gungelads
Starring these models:
"Captain Flan Trashes New Lad James and Gungelad Miles"

Meet Captain Flan a super messy hero who will go to the distance to make sure lads get what they deserve and new lad James certainly cops the lot in this messy Super Hero themed quiz with games.

Never one to stint on quantity, Captain Flan mixed up loads of ream pies, buckets of gunge plus lots of custard and some nice thick cake mix.

In the first part Captain Flan tests the lads knowledge of Super Heroes, which to Miles delight James knows fu*k all about! Poor James gets pie after pie in his face, has thick chocolate sauce rubbed into his hair, gets covered in slime and to top it off a big cream flan smashed into his naked arse!

Miles doesn't escape Scott free though as slippery Captain Flan throws in some trick questions to ensure both lads get trashed!

Then in part two as the kit comes off, Miles gets his arse creamed with Frosting and custard by James and then its time for the lads to cover each other in Slime.

Finally the lads are ordered to wrestle each other and get each others kit off. Both lads end up naked and rolling around in a huge amount of goo that has amassed in the pool!

So who's the winner? Judging by the expression on their faces, both lads!

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Total runtime:29 mins, 30 secs
Date added:3/01/18
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