Bound to Drop (UMD Edit)
Produced by The UMD Store
Starring the following model:
"Doug is suspended over the pit upside down, and dropped."

Doug is suspended by a hip harness and his genitals over the mud pit with is wrists tied behind his back. After a brief struggle, he is dropped into the mud. He struggles in the mud with his wrists still tied. Finally, we see him emerging from the mud (very brief).

This clip has scenes from the first take of this setup where Doug was wearing a gag. The gag didn't work out, so the scene was reset. This is the only clip that features the gagged footage. It also has an abbreviated version of the second take. (The full version of take 2 is in another clip).

This edit is special for umd/name your price. It is more than a teaser, since it has exclusive footage and it is 5 minutes long.

File count:1
Total size:179.52 MB
Total runtime:4 mins, 51 secs
Date added:7/02/18
Year produced:2018
Product ID:20180630mps
Scene ID:29194
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Includes this file:
5,159 Kbps
179.52 MB
4.9 minutes
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