Bundle: Blue Gunge
Produced by Gunge Kingdom
Starring the following model:
"Three rounds of extremely messy fun!"

Over 3 days I got so messy with my new best friend, xanthan gum. I rigged up a slime bucket in my shower and pulled the rope to be soaked in the thickest bluest sloppiest filth I've ever been slimed with. It was so heavenly that in the second round I could barely hold my load in and it rockets out faster than lightning! The very first round I was quivering with anticipation and so horned up for the slop that I could barely contain myself and things got real slippery real fast. In the second round, I sit waiting patiently on the tub floor and grab the rope with my teeth... what's this? I added oatmeal to the bucket and 4 huge pies for my face! Once the slime was engulfing my head and body I started slamming the pies in my face--one right after the other and a pie sandwich for good measure! The final round I filled up my wetsuit with so much left over slop that it was leaking out the legs of my wetsuit without me even noticing! I trapped myself inside the suit and jerked myself into heaven. It feels so good that I can't control myself and I moan and groan throughout all 3 rounds and spit 3 huge loads out just for you!

Number of scenes:3
File count:3
Total size:406.16 MB
Total runtime:11 mins, 51 secs
Date added:9/13/17
Year produced:2017
Scene ID:24474
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Round 3
Added 9/13/17    166 views
In the 3rd and final round of heavenly slop, I fill up my wetsuit and let one off inside of it. I pull the rope once more and open the collar of my wetsuit and let it fil...
Round One
Added 9/12/17    339 views
For the first round of blue gunge you get to take a front seat to my first experience with xanthan gum. Believe me, between the moans, facial expressions, and huge cumsho...
Round Two
Added 9/12/17    137 views
In the second round of slop I added a huge bucket of oatmeal and 4 enormous shaving cream pies and took a seat in the tub anxiously waiting my fate. I grabbed the rope wi...
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