Blow It Gladiator Gunge Food Games!
Produced by Mostwam Charlotte
Starring these models:
Today we have 3 lovely girls, we have the game 'blow it' and we have blow up gladiator fighting. The girls battle to win the rounds and find out who is our winner and loosers!

There is a gunge tank filled with orange gunge, and two trolleys filled with a variety of mess, including pies, beans, soups, spaghetti, gunge jugs, rice pudding.

File count:3
Total size:2 GB
Runtime:36 mins, 42 secs
Scene ID:27965

Includes these files:
8,271 Kbps
877.37 MB
14.8 minutes
8,241 Kbps
498.54 MB
8.5 minutes
8,284 Kbps
796.21 MB
13.4 minutes

"They think it's all over... Or is it?"
wow! What a gameshow scene this is! Superb So much went on in this one... Very competitive "hard hitting" games, some faulty equipment, mishaps and mistakes, Laughing on the floor funny with some stroppy angry to boot! All happened in this one! haha All the girls are on top form! Buy it and you won't be disappointed, the only people the will be... are the 2 unfortunate girls that have the endure the onslaught of sloppy horrible food :) CalGungeFan, 4/22/18
"Great game, loads of savoury mess and controversial decisions!"
Really great scene. The two losers get a load and loads of mess including lots of different types of soup and the mess that's mentioned in the description. Both forfeit messings go on for a good number of minutes and then seem to keep on going. Pretty amazing that there was so much for two people plus the gunge tank gets a good use too! Also [x] was robbed at inflatable gladiators, just saying! rb2844, 4/22/18
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