Balls Deep in the Clay
Produced by The UMD Store
Starring the following model:
"Doug struggles to bury himself in clay, with a happy ending."

Doug steps into the clay pit wearing a black thong, stirs it a bit, then sits down and ties a rope around his genitals that goes through a ring at the bottom of the clay pit and back up to an overhead point that is out of reach. The rope will hold him down in the clay while he struggles to work himself under. He can tighten the rope attached to his crotch, but he cannot loosen it. Before he is released, he spends a lot of time, struggling against the thick clay and inadvertently tugging at his balls. The goal is to sink deeper, because that's the only way to relieve the strain on the rope. Not to mention the fact that he really likes to be completely immersed.

When the rope is released from where it is anchored overhead, Doug is able to work his genitals back to the surface. Once there, he lies back and masturbates himself to a loud orgasm.

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Year produced:2018
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