Ariel and Jayce Go All Out in Green Slime!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"The girls go soft core in tons of green slime!"

You all asked for it, you got it! Ariel and Jayce release some sexual tension in a gigantic pool with tons of bright green slime all over them! Clad in booty shorts, Jayce in a dazzling green top and Ariel in a bikini top, those come off soon! The girls dont hold back as the smother eachother in bucket after bucket of green slime and in between each one, making sure they take their sweet time to savor every moment with loads of heavy petting, making out, foot worship, wrestling, humping, sucking on every body part imaginable, especially boobies! The girls completely cover themselves in the insane amount of green cake batter, thick slime and really have at it. They totally let go and go all out, running their hands down eachothers bodies the whole time, making out, tackling eachother, Jayce lays down on her stomach and lets Ariel give her ass a nice massage, Ariel and Jayce both worship eachothers feet with loads of toe and sole sucking and licking. This video is Not for the weak! Please take precaution if you have a heart condition because the sexual tension let go in this video will blow your mind...or your load...;)

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"Incredibly Sexy!"
By cake123  1/1/17

Whats not to love here? Jayce and Ariel rolling around together in a pool of green gunge(the best colour of gunge ;))? As they begin to undress and play with each others bodies, rubbing the gunge into each others bodies is so incredibly hot! Cant recommend this enough!

"The House Of Mess just keeps getting better!"
By D.M.Z.  6/27/14

This is a simple review to write. Why? Well this scene is awesome! There is lots of thick green batter. Ariel and Jayce have super chemistry together. They play, they rub, they lick, they even kiss! There is also some very nice foot play, sole licking, toe sucking included. Yes it's a very cool and sexy scene. The House Of Mess just keeps getting better!

"Great slime + hot feet + sexy ladies = a must-have video!"
By messyfeetfan  3/14/14

After viewing this extremely sexy video, I can vouch for Ariel's claim: this video can definitely cause a great deal of excitement--especially for foot fans! The green slime looks amazing on both girls, and you can tell visually and audibly that they're enjoying this video as much as the viewer is. Close to 20 minutes and it's a video you can watch over and over, especially if you can't make it all the way through the first time--if you know what I mean!

"Foot lickin great!"
By wamwright  3/14/14

Ariel and Jayce are in the pool for their long-awaited make-out session. All the slime gets dumped out pretty early on. That leaves plenty of time for rubbing, stroking, licking and even some kissing. Yay! With a nearly 20 minute running time, there's no need to rush. By the end, things get good and kissy steamy. My favorite parts are the toe sucking and foot licking. Yummmm! The pool is a perfect setting as it keeps the dumped slime in play. Great job girls!

"Like Arial said "that's what boobs are made for!""
By BKfoamy  3/10/14

These ladies have outdone themselves! I was a little skeptical at first. It started out as a take turn slim-a-thon, but it was quickly apparent that the hands were roaming freely on each other's bodies! It was great to see Jayce and Arial show us that they truly can enjoy each other! Definitely a hard "R." Speaking of hard, I don't think I have seen harder nipples on these two in any of their other films. But, the clincher for me was when they started kissing! I could watch that all day! Bkfoamy

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