Amer and Casey Custom Gtg Games
Produced by Mostwam Charlotte
Starring these models:
Today we have Casey wearing a blue slim dress with no tights and some black heels, Playing against Casey we have Amber wearing a slim red dress with no tights and some black heels. The girls are give a time limit to play the games of their choice..

They can build a marshmallow tower [the highest], a paper clip chain [the longest], move as many m&ms from the tin to another tin one by one [different colours mean different points], hot or cold [I have placed an item somewhere the girls have to find it asking me whether they are hot or cold], And also there is a dial on the front of the table which has the girls names on it. They have to push it towards the other girls name [this is bonus points], also there is lucky dip where they pick a piece of paper and put it in there tin then points are revealed at the end.

File count:3
Total size:2 GB
Runtime:35 mins, 32 secs
Scene ID:27422

Includes these files:
8,248 Kbps
800.98 MB
13.6 minutes
8,326 Kbps
824.07 MB
13.8 minutes
8,246 Kbps
480.05 MB
8.1 minutes

"A Gameshow you can play and then eat"
What a Custom we have here!... Its like a Horror Series doesn't have to have blood, gore and jump out scares, it's more effective when it's brilliantly crafted with intrigue, tension and with beautiful performances... That challenges you and even makes you laugh a bit... I feel that's the way to description this custom! You sometimes don't need loads of Mess and food... Just a simple gunge tank and talent like Amber, Casey and Charlotte with a talented customer... you can create something magical I can honestly talk for hours about how amazing this custom is! This is what WAM is about. Watching talent come together and create something special... And i knew when watching this... That this was something special! Possibly one of best customs i have seen... well done everyone! CalGungeFan, 3/11/18
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