Aiden's Halloween Thriller
Produced by The Splat! Show
Starring the following model:
"Aiden stars in our Halloween Thriller"

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Runtime:47 mins, 13 secs
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We love Halloween at Splat! There is something about Gunge and Halloween that just fits. For this years Halloween special we contacted one of the most popular models this season, Aiden to see if he was up for starring in our Halloween special and thankfully he said yes!

Get ready for the biggest and messiest Halloween specials we have produced to date. A big thank you to Aiden for being a great sport too! This Show Features...

Pumpkin Juice Gunging Interview Aiden is back in the Gunge Tank! We interview Aiden to see what he has been up to since his first shoot earlier this year. We then dump the first horrible Gunging on poor Aiden for our Halloween special, lumpy pumpkin soup (with gunge)!

Halloween Tied and Tanked--The spookiness continues as Aiden takes on Tied and Tanked. Aiden is tied to the chair inside the Gunge Tank and then has to answer some questions. If he fails to get a question right he gets blasted with some Halloween orange Gunge from the Gunge Blasters. If he gets more wrong than right then tank is dropped on Aiden. The gunge in the gunge tank for Aiden this time is some special Halloween slime which creates a spooky fog when dumped on Aiden, it looks great! Oh, we also throw a bucket of Gunge at Aiden too for good measure.

Make me a Mummy--We put a spooky spin on Foam me up. With each incorrect answer Aiden gets foamed, slowly turning Aiden into a spooky mummy! When the transformation is complete Aiden is tanked with some really gross Halloween Gunge! Another season best Gunging from this show!

The Splat! Rack--Our Halloween special would not be complete without a trip on The Splat! Rack. This is Aiden's first time on the Splat! Rack and we know many of you are looking forward to seeing Aiden on the Rack. Custard down singlets and pies in places they shouldn't go feature! Halloween Finale--Fresh from his Splat! Rack experience Aiden is joined by the two Halloween inflatables for the finale Gunging! A horrible mix of gunge and foam, the perfect way to end our Halloween special!

limited timed release--Available Until End of November
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