4 Girl Pileup: in Mud!
Produced by Jayce Lane's House of Mess
Starring these models:
"Failed chicken fight turns into an all-out mud War! With mud virgin Sadie!"

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Total runtime:17 mins, 35 secs
Date added:11/07/16
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So Ariel and Jayce decide to strip down at the mud pits and invited Jilly and Sadie come along, but not before Jayce and Ariel jump butt-first into the thick mud! They've decided they're all going to have a "chicken fight" and persuade Jilly and Sadie to come in. Sadie is a mud virgin so she's a little skittish, but she's ready to have fun too ;) They get into the squishy mud and it's already apparent they're going to have a heck of a time moving around in this ultra-thick, sticky mud. They play around a little bit in it but tell the girls it's time to get to fighting. Jilly is supposed to get on Ariel's shoulders, Sadie is supposed to get on Jayce's shoulders, but they struggle like crazy to get on because they're slipping and sliding all over the place! So once they're on top Jilly and Sadie fight until they both go plumetting into the mud. Once all the girls have decided that game wasn't going to work out, they realize it's just time for an all-out War with each other. They fight each other, they dogpile on each other, mush mud into each other's faces, play "red rover" with each other (ie. the 3 girls lock arms and one girl runs into their arms and tries to break the chain, which is far more hilarious and awesome in the mud) and it basically turns into "who can we get covered in the mud the most brutally?" The girls have an absolute blast and don't spare each other one bit, everyone gets ridiculously messy. And we're happy to say that Ms. Sadie was rightfully initiated into the Wambabes/House of Mess mud pit, and her huge titties! hehe Even non-wammers would find this to be ridiculously sexy.
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