Can It!
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Adorable maid AJ Pine in black and pink PVC is stealing a cupcake from tonight's dinner as Mistress Messier's. She's caught by identically-dressed maid Iscah Lee, and must accept the punishment for r...
Dessert Glass
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Around fifteen years ago, Shok's story "Dessert Glass" appeared on the Usenet group, and then on the brand-new Shokolada's Mess website. It's made the rounds since then, and had been...
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James has been visiting some naughty web sites about messy play, and Diana's got a plan to bring his attention back where it belongs. This is the first video appearance of Mistress Messi谬 a ch...
Pie Models' Appreciation
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The utterly messy, thoroughly pied, completely covered, models and crew of Pieworks Productions' "Can It!" show their director how much they loved working for him. He dresses for the occasion! Chec...
Shopping List
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Cinnamon, a maid in black pvc, has a dinner party to plan for the evening, and she knows her mistress will put special emphasis on the desserts. Lots and lots of desserts. For some reason, though, s...

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