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Hey, I'm Charlotte and enjoy being a fully clothed WAM model. I Love getting messy in sweet food products, water and Gunge. But enjoy getting messy in lots of substances.
I wear lots of my own personal office wear with tights and heels but also dress casually sometimes with trainers and socks.

Myself and my husband are not personally into wam but love working in this industry it's great fun!
I'm very lucky to have the job I do, I love it, The moonins are awesome and the mostwam girls are lovely.

I'm now offering custom shoots, if you're interested feel free to message me and we'll see what we can sort out for you.
I have lots of the mostwam girls who are also up for doing customs, some are willing to show a little more than you will have seen on the Moomins
I have lots of lovely feedback comments on my forum posts if you'd like to have a little look.
Any questions regarding models or their levels, please send me a message.

I do not offer private sessions, sorry.
I'm unavailable to answer messages Saturday's, Sunday's and occasionally Monday's ( If i'm working the Sunday, Once a month) due to them being my days off.

Unfortunately due to being so busy I don't have a lot of time for chatting anymore, sorry.

Enjoy my pictures and downloads on my store, and also take a look at the websites I work for. We have lots of beautiful girls getting Pied, Muddy, Wet, Gunged and messy!
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From CharlotteMostWam  15 days ago
I will be off-line Monday as have been shooting today
From mess4u  25 days ago
Charrlotteee loving the work!!!
From CharlotteMostWam  7/31/18
I am on holiday 8th-13th August. I will be back online asap
From messyboyg  7/24/18
hope you make a less clothes and barefeet male vid
From CharlotteMostWam  7/22/18
I'll be offline Monday 23rd as worked Sunday xx
From MrMrsVampAngel  7/21/18
Can my wife come and play in the mud ?
From CharlotteMostWam  6/22/18
Please remember i am offline over the weekend.
From CharlotteMostWam  6/10/18
I will be offline tomorrow as I've been shooting today x
From CharlotteMostWam  5/21/18
I'M ON holiday!! i'll BE back online 4TH june. thank you X
From CharlotteMostWam  5/21/18
I@M ON holiday. I will BE back online 4TH june xxx
From CharlotteMostWam  5/16/18
I will be offline 22nd may- 4th june. I'm off on holiday
From CharlotteMostWam  4/1/18
Happy Easter all, I'll reply to messages soon
From CharlotteMostWam  3/15/18
I am off on holiday until saturday. Iíll be back online sun!
From CharlotteMostWam  3/4/18
I will answer messages tonight! Sorry for the delay guys xx
From CharlotteMostWam  2/23/18
I will be offline tomorrow, Saturdays are my day off. XXX
From CharlotteMostWam  2/15/18
I will BE offline until sunday! Sorry Iíll reply to you asap
From MessyDouchebagMike  1/2/18
Congrats on WOTD!
From CharlotteMostWam  12/30/17
New status: Iíll be back to answer messages on 2nd Jan 2018 xxxx
From CharlotteMostWam  12/23/17
New status: I will be offline until after Christmas! Thanks all xxxxx
From CharlotteMostWam  12/8/17
New status: Busy week. Iíll reply to messages asap xx sorry
From CharlotteMostWam  10/28/17
New status: I will be back to reply to messages Monday, weekend off!
From CharlotteMostWam  10/4/17
New status: Messy week this week!
From CharlotteMostWam  9/18/17
New status: Busy custom week ahead! lets get messy!
From CharlotteMostWam  9/3/17
New status: Just a quick massive thank you to our custom customers d
From CharlotteMostWam  8/28/17
New status: Don't forget I'm away until Tuesday evening. Will reply as
From CharlotteMostWam  8/26/17
New status: I won't be answering messages Mon&Tues. Bankholiday fun 
From CharlotteMostWam  8/16/17
New status: I will always reply asap, please bare with, with replies
From CharlotteMostWam  8/6/17
New status: Really busy couple of days with mostwam,I'll reply when pos
From CharlotteMostWam  7/23/17
New status: Back in the UK to answer everyone Wednesday, speak soon
From CharlotteMostWam  7/20/17
New status: Tenerife is beautiful. I will reply when possible thanks!!
From CharlotteMostWam  7/16/17
New status: Off on a wetlook trip tues, I'll reply as and when I can
From CharlotteMostWam  6/20/17
New status: shooting customs all day, sorry if i can't reply
From CharlotteMostWam  6/10/17
New status: I'm backkk and ready to get Messy 😊
From CharlotteMostWam  5/23/17
New status: 9pm I will be offline for two weeks. The sunshine is calling
From CharlotteMostWam  5/23/17
New status: Tonight will be my last night to reply to messages! 😃
From CharlotteMostWam  5/21/17
New status: Holiday time soon. Last two days of me responding to message
From CharlotteMostWam  5/21/17
New status: Off on my holiday soon. Last two days of me responding to me
From CharlotteMostWam  5/20/17
New status: Wammer of the day? So much love to everyone. Thank you d
From CharlotteMostWam  5/12/17
New status: Busy busy bee
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