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Hey, I'm Charlotte and enjoy being a fully clothed WAM model. Myself and my husband are not personally into wam but love working in this industry it's great fun! I'm very lucky to have the job I do, I love it, The moomins are awesome and the mostwam girls are lovely.

I offer custom shoots, if you're interested feel free to message me. I have lots of the mostwam girls who are up for doing customs. I have lots of lovely feedback comments on my forum posts if you'd like to have a little look. Any questions regarding models or their levels, please send me a message.
**Please note we only offer studio based customs, not location**

I do not offer private sessions- However this is something we are starting to offer with limited availability.

I'm unavailable to answer messages over the weekends.
Unfortunately due to being so busy I don't have a lot of time for chatting. So please only contact me if you have any questions or are interested in a custom.

Enjoy my downloads on my store, and also take a look at the websites I work for. We have lots of beautiful girls getting Pied, Muddy, Wet, Gunged and messy!
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CharlotteMostWam  13 days ago
I am ON holiday from 5th July and back in on 18th July. xxx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  17 days ago
I am offline from Friday 5th- 17th July xxxx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  24 days ago
I amm offline from 21st June- 26th June xxxx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  6/3/19
I'm back from a week off and replying to messages this week   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  5/24/19
I am offline from 24th May- 3rd June xxx speak soon   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  5/22/19
Please be aware, I am offline from 24th May-3rd June xx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  5/20/19
We are now booking customs for July! June is fully booked    Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  4/15/19
Another busy week in the studio, please bare with me,Thanks   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  4/8/19
Sorry my replies this week will be limited! Super Busy!!   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  4/3/19
I will be offline 5th-7th April and back online 8th. Thanks   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  3/29/19
Crazy day at the office. Sorry if i haven't got back to you   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  3/24/19
I will be offline 25th (tomorrow) I'll be back on tuesday x   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  3/13/19
I am offline 14th, I'll be back online Friday 15th xx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  2/13/19
I wll be offline from 15th - 25th Feb. Speak soon xxxxx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  1/16/19
I will be offline 18th-21st, i'll be back soon. Thanks xxx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  1/16/19
I will be offline friday-monday,i'll be back soon, Thank yo   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  1/2/19
I will be offline until 8th Jan, I'm away. Thanks xxx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  12/21/18
merry christmas all xxxx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  11/6/18
I'm back    Edit  Report
wetnylons  11/4/18
happy birthday, hope you had a great day xx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  10/30/18
I will be offline 2nd-5th No for my birthday thank you xx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  9/30/18
I will be off-line Monday as have been shooting today    Edit  Report
mess4u  9/21/18
Charrlotteee loving the work!!!    Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  7/31/18
I am on holiday 8th-13th August. I will be back online asap   Edit  Report
messyboyg  7/24/18
hope you make a less clothes and barefeet male vid   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  7/22/18
I'll be offline Monday 23rd as worked Sunday xx   Edit  Report
MrMrsVampAngel  7/21/18
Can my wife come and play in the mud ?   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  6/22/18
Please remember i am offline over the weekend.   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  6/10/18
I will be offline tomorrow as I've been shooting today x   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  5/21/18
I'M ON holiday!! i'll BE back online 4TH june. thank you X   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  5/21/18
I@M ON holiday. I will BE back online 4TH june xxx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  5/16/18
I will be offline 22nd may- 4th june. I'm off on holiday    Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  4/1/18
Happy Easter all, I'll reply to messages soon    Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  3/15/18
I am off on holiday until saturday. Iíll be back online sun!   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  3/4/18
I will answer messages tonight! Sorry for the delay guys xx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  2/23/18
I will be offline tomorrow, Saturdays are my day off. XXX   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  2/15/18
I will BE offline until sunday! Sorry Iíll reply to you asap   Edit  Report
MessyDouchebagMike  1/2/18
Congrats on WOTD!   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  12/30/17
New status: Iíll be back to answer messages on 2nd Jan 2018 xxxx   Edit  Report
CharlotteMostWam  12/23/17
New status: I will be offline until after Christmas! Thanks all xxxxx   Edit  Report
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