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Hello. I'm Ben. 27 year old male from the south of uk. Massive fetish over getting messy. Had enough of hiding my fetish to myself so here I am. Got my own home made gunge tank. Nothing special but certainly works. Average build. Well hung(or so I'm told) tend to gunge myself at least twice a month. Get wet almost daily. Would love to find a female companion to enjoy this with either one time or on the regular. Also if any producers want to use me in a video I'm happy to talk about arrangements. I'm afraid I'm not comfortable getting messy with another guy, sorry lads. Anyways leave a comment like message or whatever and happy wamming!
I'm loving getting messy for everyone, much more than expected, but Getting messy ain't cheap. So any contributions would be awesome! Or contact me through kik and I'll show you how to help
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Brickwall21  14 days ago
No luck yet bud. turns out sitting in a gunge tank ain't on most women's bucket list   Edit  Report
bud thorazine  15 days ago
any chance you linked up with a grunge lady? as you mentioned in your profile. would be hot to see someone take you on in the grunge pit. thanks again for sharing. bud   Edit  Report
Brickwall21  19 days ago
Not long until I'm back people. Begun saving up some messy goods for another vid.   Edit  Report
Poshsuit  4/7/19
Hi Ben! I love seeing you get gunged in your suit & tie! I also like to get gunged in my suits & ties! I'm from London. If you're ever up for meeting up - let me know!   Edit  Report
shortfoot78  3/23/19
Wonderful pics and vids... Great heary body... Love !!   Edit  Report
Brickwall21  3/20/19
New video coming soon   Edit  Report
Brickwall21  3/8/19
Thank you everyone for the love. Been an amazing messy week. One more set of vids and pics still to come to round up the week. Just got a lot of clearing up to do before I can show you what I've been up to. Don't forget to comment, message and show your love. Some teaser pics uploaded in my albums to give you an idea of what to expect. All I'm going to say is it's taken a good hour of cleaning so...   Edit  Report
Gungetank lover  3/6/19
Loving your vids and pics mate. Well done.   Edit  Report
Brickwall21  3/6/19
Wammer of the day!!! Awsome! Thank like my last post said. Just makes me wanna keep sharing my messy experiences   Edit  Report
Brickwall21  3/5/19
Thank you for all the compliments! The reason to keep on wamming   Edit  Report
Brickwall21  3/5/19
Keep me messy   Edit  Report
Brickwall21  3/3/19
Got 60L of natrosol arriving in a few days time!!! Also got a bigger 64L tank! Excited is a understatement!!! Still haven't figured out an outfit though   Edit  Report
Brickwall21  3/1/19
So the plan for the next one is actual gunge. No idea what I'll be wearing. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions. Will hopefully be happening next week!! Check out the costumes in my wish list ( link in profile bio)   Edit  Report
Brickwall21  2/27/19
Hope everyone enjoyed the pics. Video soon to follow!!   Edit  Report
Brickwall21  2/24/19
Seeing as I've had such a warm response from everyone here after my first post. I've decided to go ahead and order enough messy substances to fill my 32L gunge tank. I will be doing plenty of photos and even attempt a video if i can get it set up properly. Keeps eyes locked on this space either Tuesday or Thursday!!   Edit  Report
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