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Gunge me baby, one more time!
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Ritzy, dressed-up girls get super-soaked in fake cum in a fake glory hole. They end up getting covered head-first, and ruin their expensive clothes in the slimy goo.

Last updated 6/13/14
Added 8/30/11
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We couldn't make it any easier for this newcomer, as we blatantly set up arrows leading right the the gloryhole of insane cum showers, and this curly haired blondy digs in deep just as we planned!
Something stinks in the Slime Wave bathroom, and this pretty newbie aims to do something about it, spraying the place down with a much more acceptable fragrance, only in the process she discovers a co...
If this maid thought she would be tidying up today she's totally wrong, because as soon as her mopping is interrupted by a blast of jizz from a gloryhole in her client's wall, this maid is on to jizz...
This freaky beauty has never shied away from some dick, but she had no idea what she was getting herself into when she starts stroking and sucking away, only to then be blasted with a hard shot of cre...
Super sexy thief Nathaly Cherie thought she would take a midnight trip into an art gallery and see what she could snatch off the walls, but all of a sudden the alarm goes off and she stopped in her tr...
Newcomer Cayla Lyons is absolutely gorgeous with her long blond hair and super short, black dress, but when she gets down on her knees and starts sucking away at that gloryhole cock she shows off her...
Vanessa wanted to take a little smoke break in the Ladies' room today, but when she's sees a nasty mess in what must have come out of an obvious hole in the wall she goes to investigate. It turns ou...
Looking sexy as hell in her jeans and denim colored top, by the time this babe has starting sucking the wall she's so blasted down in cum that she has to take her pants off and get to fucking away at...
This hottie just wanted to relax with a coffee, but it turns out she placed her mug right next right next to the SlimeWave gloryhole, and when she wasn't looking she got a big squirt of jizz right int...
Pumping sluts with mega loads of cum is what we do at SlimeWave, and today Kitty Jane is about to get a big dose as she enters the bathroom to rub her tired feet, only to end up having a SlimeWave sty...
When Joanna realizes the source of the mess in her hotel suite is a cock sticking out of a gloryhole she quickly calls and cancels the clean up help, because she wants to be alone and get super nasty...
Poor Laura was in the middle of painting herself a masterpiece when she's so rudely blasted by what appears to be jizz, ruining her work of art, but when she sees the gloryhole source of the problem s...
Totally covered and going harder than ever, these hair-slopped, make-up running, fucked up freaks have the time of their lives underneath the beautiful SlimeWave cum showers! See these dolls go from...
You'll definitely want this nurse treating you next time you've got a 4+ hour boner!
This pierced pussy freak can't stay away from a gloryhole when she sees one, first sucking away like a true kinkster, and then sliding her cock over it and working towards orgasm, all the while gettin...
Spreading those legs and taking it all is it cums, this amazing Eurobabe gets cum slutty for the love of the SlimeWave!
El Storm gets fucked like a worthless slut, choked, and totally humiliated and trashed in ridiculous amounts of cum! Check out El Storm as she finds herself in the middle of a cum storm!
This combo is about to get cum blasted to oblivion so you'll hardly be able to make out the difference between these two similar hotties by the end of this!
These chicks start out sensually enough, rubbing feet and getting intimate with each other, but before they know it Dina finds herself right between two cocks, first getting pussy and face slammed, an...
They don't call it SlimeWave for nothing, and when you see just how slimy this shit gets you'll be grabbing for some paper towels yourself! Go, Jenna, go!
SlimeWave is where hot ass Eurobabes come to get covered in filthy, nasty cum, and this update has a triple load of it! We start out with Gina Devine and Jenna Lovely drinking some wine together and...
Scarlet had no idea what was coming to her, but you better believe by the end of this scene this bloused up hottie will be pussy satisfied and totally drenched in absurd amounts of cum! Solo or not,...
Jenna Lovely's ups the ante even for her sick ways on unsuspecting Eurobabe Bianca Ferrero, with lots of cocks to choose from and a gloryhole that helps her out in destroying this rainbow-bloused chic...
Stacy Silver is proud to present her new Slime Wave series, featuring sexy Eurobabes stepping up to the gloryhole and experiencing what a facial fantasy is all about, but this experienced porn vixen h...
Don't miss these creamy freaks in boiling hot lesbo intensity!
Eileen Sue thought she was just going to get a foot rub from her sexy friend, as after all both of these Eurobabes are looking fine in their classy outfits and would never dream of getting too nasty!
This bathroom is going to need the full scrub-down after this insanity, but in the meantime these two sexy lesbos are gonna go with it and get as lesbo messy as they can!
This SlimeWave is lesbo threesome hardcore with a strap-on blasting twist, and by the end of this baby all three sexy chicks are totally creamed and Sunshine and Lucy's pussy are pounded raw! Now bac...
Pounded and then totally slimed, that's the proper way to do hardcore lesbo action, and Jenna knows it well as she creams up the whole set while totally strap-on dominating a very sexy and brave Lucy!...
Jenna really goes to town on her little fuck partner, and you'll be right there spewing jizz all over the place along with her! Get into the SlimeWave state of mind!
If you know anything about SlimeWave you know it's the messiest, most insanely cum drenched lesbo play out there, and these two sexy bloused up babes with their black skirts are going to learn what it...
You just have to see the SlimeWave to believe it, because Eurobabes of this caliber aren't supposed to get this nasty!
Pornstar babes Tarra White, Cindy Dollar, and their British fuck buddy are looking fashionable as hell, and the the more experienced Tarra and Cindy are strapped up with very large dildos that are gon...
Check out what happens when these two ladies start off their afternoon with some home planning but end up totally covered in cum!
Jenna and her bright pink stretch pants may be running the show here, but she can't help getting her sexy blonde self covered in cum as well, because the SlimeWave doesn't play favorites--it covers an...
Cutie Kate and her dark friend are having great fun with their strap-ons, pretending to take a piss in the urinal before turning on each other and lezzing out (it still counts as lesbo even if they're...
Sometimes those crazy Eurobabes wanna know what it's like to be the guy, except of course they have to take it way over the top and have strap-ons that explode absurd amounts of cum all over their les...
Sometimes it's good to let the cock out to breathe and take everything that's coming to you!
Getting slimier and slimier Denisa and her boyfriend slide around on the bathroom floor in an absurdly messy fuck session until the boyfriend has to add his own load to his already cum covered chick--...
Ritzy, dressed-up girls get super-soaked in fake cum in a fake glory hole. They end up getting covered head-first, and ruin their expensive clothes in the slimy goo.
These babes are both dressed in bridal white and looking like they're super pure hotties, but in fact when they see a cock sticking out of a gloryhole they'd be late to their own wedding to get a piec...
This chick is obsessed with cum, the more the better, and as she gets more and more drenched she gets hornier and hornier, playing with her creamy pussy, shoving that gloryhole cock in her pussy, and...
Messy as hell hardcore lesbo strap-on action, this is the kind of insanity that put the one and only SlimeWave on the map!
Initially startled, Mandy quickly "goes with the flow" and gets deeper and deeper into that crazy SlimeWave action, letting herself gets slimed down on her panties, dress, and smacked with spunk all o...
Whether this babe is taking a cock from behind while tongue-pleasing the gloryhole cock, or if she's just slip-sliding around in liters of cum on the floor and getting fucked hard she's in Slime Wave...
Business babes Bailey and Rachel la Rouge come into one of their offices to find the place a mess, with some jizz looking substance sprayed out all over one of their chairs, and they're understandably...
So much for the money spent on her new look, but we think you'll agree that Amadea looks much better in a nice shade of creamy white, totally drenching her hair, outfit, face, and damn near everything...
By the time Kate is nice and fucked up she's pretty sure she's got the job, but either way she and Jenna are exhausted and looking nasty as fuck SlimeWave style!
These two famous and experienced porn babes are trying to pass on their legacy, so in this new "wave" of SlimeWave lesbo hardcore they make sure to destroy their sexy victims and show them what it mea...
These two chicks get so hot and heavy that they just have to start sucking and fucking away on those gloryhole cocks while getting more and more submerged in blast after blast of cum, and they aren't...
The gloryhole is ready to cum-destroy everything in its path, and these two mess loving freaks aren't going to call it quits until the whole scenes goes sexy ridiculous!
The beauty of SlimeWave is that you get to feast your eyes on hot babes and nothing but, but they still get to fuck the hell out of each other, with Alyssia taking on two cocks and way more cum than s...
This sexy little thing in her blue satin lingerie is excited to have two hot babes to play with and learn from, but she has no idea what's in store for her as she's about to experience a double-team m...
Just because this bombshell blondie babe is in a wedding dress and looking like a million bucks doesn't mean she can escape the wrath of the Slimewave!
Experienced and always ready for nastiness Stacy Silver has herself a cute little thing by the name of Viktoria Sweet, and she doesn't have standard lesbo action in mind! Nope, these two sexy chicks...
Ritzy, dressed-up girls get super-soaked in fake cum in a fake glory hole. They end up getting covered head-first, and ruin their expensive clothes in the slimy goo.
Victoria is getting strap-on penetrated from both sides, and even though Stacy is behind bars she can manage to get off and start blowing loads all over little miss Puppy!
This sexy blonde in her black blouse had no idea just what she was getting into as these SlimeWave cocks start spewing insane loads of cum all over the place, totally drenching Samantha as she's treat...
Drenched in nastiness, getting pounded with no stopping in sight, and loving every second of it, Bella proves she's SlimeWave material as she gets lesbo pounded through and through!
These big titty beauties are working those cocks and then getting splooged by hard shots of cum, blasting those mega jugs and their sexy, kinky outfits! These babes may not know what's going on exact...
This chick has never experienced anything like this before, especially when all those strap-ons start spraying her down with load after load of cum and completely drenching this already worn out girl!
Carmen and her big tits like it hard, but when she gets quadruple teamed by some strapped-up sex fiends she'll literally be brought to tears as multiple strap-ons rip through her (including deep in he...
Sindy finds herself taking on these two strapped-up babes with no choice in the matter, sucking, getting fucked, and of course getting a creamy surprise when they start exploding all over her! Pussy...
Victoria Puppy and Bella Baby have themselves a lovely victim for this SlimeWave lesbo update and she and her blouse and everything else are going to be completely creamed after this double strap-on p...
This librarian looking slut shows us just how hard she can go, getting thrown around and spread in any way her two fem-dominators want her in, and while it's a hell of an endurance test, this chick en...
Creamy as fuck and all over each other by the time this messy insanity is over with, these two cum freaks have definitely sealed the deal and bonded more than they ever could all through the power of...
Jenna had no idea she would be getting blasted by liters of cum while getting totally lesbo rocked, and soon enough her sexy, tight black outfit and lovely blonde hair are completely creamed, but with...
This hottie gets double pounded harder than this slut is used to from the dudes, and Tarra and Ferrera can certainly blast WAY more cum, ridiculous amounts, all over this sexy babe in black!
Jordan Verwest is the second chick to try out Stacy Silver's slime wave, and by the time this gloryhole jizz-shower scene is over this very sexy and brave girl will know just how accurate the name Sli...
It's Regina's turn to step up to the mega squirtacious gloryhole, and boy does she get a face full of Slime Wave's patented cum recipe! In fact, the gush of cum is so intense that Regina needs a prot...
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