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Well-dressed ladies wear expensive silk and satin outfits and uniforms into very wet and messy situations.

Last updated 6/18/13
Added 6/30/02
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Hot, sensual fucking the way only can bring it!
For those wetlook fans out there you're in for a real treat, and for those inexperienced in the world of wet sex, this'll get you hooked!
Once the horseplay and sloppiness begin, it's only a matter of moments before playtime becomes lesbo time. My-Fetish is home to the hottest of the hot Eurobabe lesbians, and we always do it in style!
Angry at first, Lena soon discovers the pleasures of wetlook action, so she and her man start to get to it, fucking and sucking away both above and below water! At this point Lena is on a mission to...
The game works as usual, but if you choose the wrong number the other hottie gets to rub you down with some messy goo--oh, the punishment! Of course girls will be girls, and soon enough they get down...
My-Fetish has outdone themselves with this wetlook lesbian scene that takes place outside in the wide open public--seems this Euro chicks just don't care! After playing around with a hose, Tea and Bi...
Lea gives her man a greasy rub-down under the guise of a massage, but soon enough he's also unable to control himself, so he decides to take matters into his own hands and rub Lea down with the gooey...
Lea gives her man a greasy rub-down under the guise of a massage, but soon enough he's also unable to control himself, so he decides to take matters into his own hands and rub Lea down with the gooey...
Adriana is looking sexy in her black, leather, skin tight outfit, and it looks a whole lot better when she pours creamy, white milk all over herself. It's so sexy, that her boy-toy in the bathtub can...
it starts raining as soon as these two really get down to it, but these two wetlook loving freaks don't let that stop them from plenty of ass and pussy spreading lesbo action that will make any man st...
They both look extremely stylish and classy in their expensive outfits, but when it comes to sex this couple likes to get messy, adding plenty of cream to the mix and turning themselves into dessert!
This dude's sitting back, relaxing in the tub and just enjoying the moment, expecting this peace and quiet to be the highlight of the day. Well, Kristy Lust is feeling incredibly horny, and this Euro...
Passionate, sensual, sexy, and unique, this is a silk and satin lesbian bathtub scene no one else can match!
Denisa and her friend are not excited about the mess in the kitchen, and they have no interest in simply wiping it up like good little housewives. Nope, these are true Eurobabe sex kittens, and they...
The only goo that's missing here is from the masseuse, and soon enough he'll add that to the mix!
This classy looking broad walks into the bathroom to powder her nose a bit, but it's pretty hard to miss the massive mess of fresh cum all over the bathroom floor.
Eurobabes Amy and Aneta Heat look plenty hot on dry land, that's for sure, but when you turn the shower on above them they look out of this world steamy as their satin tops quickly become see-through...
This was one disastrous buffet that ended up slopping up the entire conference room, but lucky for us that means the sexy Eurobabes in charge of the event are going to find themselves making an even b...
Kitty's got her man on the couch, and after sucking him off as long as he can take it before exploding, she then rides this dude right there on the couch all while under an intense shower.
This silly chick gets wet at the thought of making others wet and messy, so now that she's on the job she takes it upon herself to include her clients in her lesbian wetlook action, whether they like...
Katie has a trick up her gloved sleeve, and that's her burning desire to get mess-fucked by her little helper! Ales attempts to show his client how to use a particularly sloppy gel to fill in some of...
Imagine being woken up by a very frisky Velvet, Eurobabe cutie with a few tricks up her sleeve, and immediately getting down to some creamy, messy, slippery sex! Velvet's got the bottle of cream read...
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