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Peat Boggin'
Produced by Loch Ness
Starring the following model:
"Experiments In swamp filmography"

Non-stop peat bogging all summer! Nessie (blonde, blue-eyed, slim) wears a shiny black tank top and shorts. or a blue metallic spaghetti-strapped top and shorts. or a white tee with a black skirt. while testing out the bog during several stages of its development. Watery footage was taken early in the year. Thick neck-deep peat, though, was there by August! No nudity or facial coverage (you don't want this stuff in your eyes. trust me). Camera was the heavily-beaten-up Sir Tripod the First, so the footage is not high-def and it is unpolished; There was no crew. There's no acting, no makeup, no hairstyling, and no faking. This is how it really is to sink in deep, crawl out, wallow and muddy up clothing in a 100% natural peat bog.

Files included:2
Total size:193.09 MB
Total runtime:19.2 minutes
Production year:2009
Product ID:GRS-JHNA-Tri1
Date added:7/12/10

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