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Muck Buddies!
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"We could see them laughing at the muddy slop trail we left behind us!"

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This is part of Shedder's account of his Thanksgiving weekend visiting Grace, Webby, Betty and Devlin. Extracted from the Fetish Girls Forum... "Thanksgiving Weekend, part 2"

With a spare change of clothes in the truck and 2 jugs of hot water we headed out along the road beside the bay. A bit further downstream, we walked up on the shelf of the river and found sort of a tidal pool, all deep and muddy in the curve of the river. It was about 3 feet above sea level at the moment and nice and soft. It was a bit stinky, but oh well. I figured that the mud would not be unsafely deep, as it was on a shelf, maybe about 3 feet deep at most. As long as we were standing up, we were safe while exploring how deep and soft it was.

I was in my jeans, hoody and leather coat. Grace was in pants, a blouse, scarf and sweater with the red chunky leather boots I had brought with me as a gift. I went in exploring and found that the mud was maybe 2 feet deep, but you only sank 18" if you worked hard at it. Surprisingly for mid-October, it was not particularly cold. We played in the mud, just being generally sloppy, rolling, splashing and fooling around. We just set the camera down on auto and maybe we would get something interesting. its not like pics of me were going to be wamfetishgirl material anyhow! I did have to 'help' Grace get muddy, as you can see. Right behind us in the pics is a road that had a car every couple of minutes and we were in clear view of a bridge if anyone bothered to look. I did not care much since I did not live locally, so being busted was not a concern for me much.

After both getting muddy, we cleaned up in the river. I got shoulder deep in snow fed river in October, sober! We walked and splashed around and took some scenery shots. Even got half a shot of me airborne jumping off the bank, soaking wet into the mud. Not quite the shot we wanted, but oh well. After being clean, I was still warm as slogging around in heavy mud and deep water in heavy clothes is hard work! So I went and rolled in the mud more, doing slides and a nice mud angel. After that, the camera filled its memory and we noticed the tide changing. We quickly scooped up my watch and wallet and camera bag about 1" above the tidal creep.

Splashing around more, I cleaned up even getting my head under in the now-deeper river. We walked under the bridge and climbed up the easy side. Walking along the road to the truck, we greatly amused a group of people in an older pale blue Dodge mini-van. We could see them laughing and waving at the muddy slop trail we left behind us. We got changed at the picnic tables at the roadside, managing the critical item swaps between cars. It seemed to be getting busier along the road, as it was appropaching time for Thanksgiving dinner!

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