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Life Sucks And I Want To Die!
Produced by Loch Ness
Starring the following model:
"Angry and depressed, she sinks...but emerges happy."

Note: Vidcaps generated by this forum are vertically "squished" but the video itself is okay. Nessie plays an angry woman in short shorts and a bikini top who is faced with a sudden car repair bill and no money in the bank. She has left the dog with the neighbor and written a suicide note. The bill collectors are never going to find her, for she's just thrown herself into the bottomless quicksand! She slowly sinks, refusing touch the only branch within reach, for it is from a poison sumac tree, and she doesn't want to die with a rash. When her arms get stuck, she chickens out, but by then it's too late! She sinks completely under in the heavy peat bog. Fade to black for a supposedly grim ending, but then fade back for the messy scene. You now see that she is not dead at all and actually loves the peat bog. She engages in messy muddy play for a few minutes between slaps at mosquitoes until singing "Happiness is a mudpit!" before mumbling..."I hate to get out...I hate to get out!"

Files included:1
Total size:276.39 MB
Total runtime:10.8 minutes
Date added:2/12/12
Production year:2012
Product ID:Life Sucks

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