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Messed for success.

Boots at Poison Sumac Bog
Produced by Loch Ness
Starring the following model:
"Peat Pit, Bikini, and Nice Shiny Boots! Free Trailer"

The peat is thick out at Poison Sumac Bog and a woman in a dark blue bikini (Nessie) just can't resist dipping her new, shiny, patent-leather boots in and out of it. It's great fun until something unseen beneath the mire grabs her feet and yanks her down into the bottomless depths. She struggles wildly but succumbs, going under in what is now deadly peaty quicksand! Not to worry, though, it's all an act. Messy muddy mud play follows. Mud wallowing, mud slopping, mud dribbling, sinking backwards into the mud, and getting out of the mud only to jump back in! Special effort was made to ensure that muddy boots occasionally show. It's close quarters in the mudpit and the camera had to be turned on its side to get the whole scene in. The black on the sides is not an error.

Files included:2
Total size:113.25 MB
Total runtime:8.4 minutes
Production year:2010
Date added:8/01/11

Free Video Trailer:

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