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Betrayed: Part 1
Produced by DIDVP
Starring the following model:
"Sarah's escape into the marsh lands her in deep mud."

Sarah plays the "other woman," who had thought she was going to rendezvous with her lover. Instead, her lover's wife shows up and Sarah, wearing glasses, tries to escape her by heading into the marsh. Wearing a purple blouse, black dress skirt and knee-high patent leather high heeled boots, Sarah walks through the mud flats, getting her boots stuck numerous times. At one point, she sinks up to her knees and has difficulty extricating herself. At the end, she steps into even deeper mud. For the last 6-7 minutes of this video, she struggles in this natural quicksand sinking till she is chest deep. The video fades to end before we learn her final fate.

Files included:1
Total size:465.37 MB
Total runtime:17.3 minutes
Date added:7/11/11
Production year:2011

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