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Ashley Loves Oatmeal With Honey
Produced by's store
Starring the following model:
"Ashley's way of having oatmeal for breakfast is so sexy!"

Sexy little Ashley wants oatmeal for breakfast, but didn't quite expect to wear it instead of eating it. That's okay, because Ashley loves to get messy.

Ashley is wearing a tight button up denim top and a super short khaki pleated skirt. She's all ready to head out for the day, but her roommie has a different idea.

He starts by pouring warm, runny oatmeal over her head, and then splats some right on her perfect size D tits. Oatmeal runs down her body and into her lap, than oozes over the bed onto the floor.

Loving the way it feels, Ashley takes off her blouse and lays down on the bed so more oatmeal can be poured all over her, along with some brown sugar. She takes off her skirt, and then comes more brown sugar. It's dumped over her, and she rubs everything in like a natural body scrub! Hey, she gets pampered while she gets sploshed!

Those panties have got to go, so Ashley peels them off. During all of this, the honey comes into play, too. A full bottle of honey is drizzled all over her, and everything continues to get massaged all over that incredible petite body of hers. She even gives herself a great foot massage for all of the foot lovers out there.

Now that's how breakfast should always be!

Files included:2
Total size:246.18 MB
Total runtime:10.8 minutes
Date added:1/07/10
Production year:2009
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